Species-Specific Humoral Immune Responses in Sheep and Goats upon Small Ruminant Lentivirus Infections Inversely Correlate with Protection against Virus Replication and Pathological Lesions.

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Maedi-Visna-like genotype A strains and Caprine arthritis encephaltis-like genotype B strains are small ruminant lentiviruses (SRLV) which, for incompletely understood reasons, appear to be more virulent in sheep and goats, respectively. A 9-month in vivo infection experiment using Belgian genotype A and B SRLV strains showed that almost all homologous (genotype A in sheep; genotype B in goats) and heterologous (genotype A in goats; genotype B in sheep) intratracheal inoculations resulted in productive infection. No differences in viremia and time to seroconversion were observed between hom…

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