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Enhanced analysis of real-time PCR data by using a variable efficiency model: FPK-PCR, , qPCR 2011 Event, 28/3/2011, Issue =Technische Universität München, (Submitted)
The added value of whole genome sequencing for the development of a specific detection method for an EU-unauthorized genetically modified Bacillus subtilis overproducing riboflavin, De Keersmaecker, Sigrid, Barbau-Piednoir E., Delvoye M., Gau C., Philipp P., and Roosens Nancy , Technical Meeting on the impact of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) on food safety management: within a one health framework, 0/0/2016, Issue FAO/GMI, NA, (2016)
Airtightness in Belgian high biocontainment facilities, Coppens, F., Willemarck Nicolas, and Herman Philippe , 1/6/2016, Number 14, Brussels, p.14, (2016)
Airtightness in high containment facilities in Belgium, Willemarck, Nicolas , Annual meeting of the European Enforcement Project on Contained Use and Deliberate Release of GMOs, 27/5/2016, Issue EEP, NA, (2016)
Allergie enquête 2016/2 Evaluation externe de la qualité des analyses en biologie clinique, China, Bernard , 21/6/2016, Volume ISP/Allergie/80, Bruxelles, p.21, (2016)