Challenges to Differentiate Hepatitis C Genotype 1 and 6: Results from A Field-Study in Cambodia.

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INTRODUCTION: We aim to report on results and challenges of different methods used for hepatitis C (HCV) genotyping in a Cambodian HCV/HIV coinfection project. METHODS: Samples of 106 patients were available. HCV genotyping was initially (63 samples) done by the LightPower Taqman real-time PCR method (Viet A Corp.) and quality controlled using the Versant 2.0 line probe assay (Siemens Healthcare). Next, following interim quality control results, all 106 samples were (re)genotyped with Versant 2.0, complemented with 5’UTR/core sequencing for uninterpretable/incomplete Versant results. …

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