Comprehensive toxicokinetic analysis reveals major interspecies differences in absorption, distribution and elimination of citrinin in pigs and broiler chickens

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A comprehensive toxicokinetic analysis of citrinin (CIT) revealed interspecies differences for all toxicokinetic parameters and in absolute oral bioavailability. Oral bioavailability for CIT was complete for broilers (113-131%), while ranging from 37 to 44% in pigs. CIT was more rapidly absorbed in pigs (Tmax = 0.92 h) compared to broiler chickens (Tmax = 7.33 h). The elimination of CIT was slower in pigs (T1/2el = 26.81 h after intravenous (IV) administration) compared to chickens (T1/2el = 1.97 h after IV administration), due to the striking difference in clearance (Cl…

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