Surveillance of COVID-19 mortality in Belgium, epidemiology and methodology during 1st and 2nd wave (March 2020 - 14 February 2021)

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This report provides epidemiological figures about the characteristics of COVID-19 deaths during the first wave (1 March 2020 until 21 June 2020), the inter wave period (22 June until 30 August 2020) and the second wave (31 August 2020 until 14 February 2021) of the COVID-19 epidemic in Belgium. This is the period before the effects of the nationwide vaccination campaign that started early in 2021 could be assessed. In total 21,860 COVID-19 deaths occurred (43.9% in the first wave and 54.7% in the second wave). The COVID-19 mortality surveillance system was implemented at the start of the e…

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