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Dr. Finaba Berete PhD

Senior epidemiologist

Dr Finaba Berete is a senior epidemiologist at Sciensano, which she joined in 2016. She is currently working on the linkage between Epilabo (a netwrok of sentinel laboratories) data and existing registries for surveillance of infectious diseases and on the Health Interview Survey. She first worked on the HISlink project (linkage between health interview survey data and health insurance data to address health policy relevant questions) and Autoweb project (exploring item non-response in self-administered health survey questionnaires). Finaba completed a PhD in Public Health sciences in 2024 entitled ‘Linking health survey data with health insurance data: benefits and opportunities for public health research’, holds MSc degrees in epidemiology and health economics from University of Liège and trained as a medical doctor at the University of Conakry (Guinea). She is editor of the Methodology section of the Archives of Public Health.

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