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All-cause mortality rate of people in treatment for substance use disorders in Belgium: A register-based cohort study, Van Baelen, L, Antoine J., De Ridder Karin, Plettinckx E, and Gremeaux L. , Journal of Substance Use, Mar-09-2019, Volume 24, Issue 5, (2019)
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Mineral oil migration from cardboard food contact materials: Hazard identification and exposure assessment of the Belgian population, Van Heyst, Annelies, Mertens Birgit, Goscinny Séverine, M Elskens, Demaegdt Heidi, De Ridder Karin, Van Den Houwe Kathy, I Boonen, K Van Langenhove, J Van de Maele, et al. , 2019, (2019)