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Evaluation of a hierarchical ascendant clustering process implemented in a veterinary syndromic surveillance system., Behaeghel, Isabelle, Veldhuis Anouk, Ren Libo, Méroc Estelle, Koenen F., Kerkhofs Pierre, Van der Stede Yves, Barnouin Jacques, and Dispas Marc , Prev Vet Med, 2015 Jun 15, Volume 120, Issue 2, p.141-51, (2015)
Follow-up of the Schmallenberg Virus Seroprevalence in Belgian Cattle., Méroc, E, Poskin A, Van Loo H, Van Driessche E, Czaplicki G, Quinet C, Riocreux F, De Regge Nick, Cay Ann Brigitte, van den Berg Thierry, et al. , Transbound Emerg Dis, 2015 Oct, Volume 62, Issue 5, p.e80-4, (2015)
Persistence of the protective immunity and kinetics of the isotype specific antibody response against the viral nucleocapsid protein after experimental Schmallenberg virus infection of sheep., Poskin, Antoine, Verite Stephanie, Comtet Loïc, Van der Stede Yves, Cay Ann Brigitte, and De Regge Nick , Vet Res, 2015 Oct 15, Volume 46, p.119, (2015)
Serological diagnosis of bovine neosporosis: a Bayesian evaluation of two antibody ELISA tests for in vivo diagnosis in purchased and abortion cattle., Roelandt, Sophie, Van der Stede Yves, Czaplicki G, Van Loo H, Van Driessche E, Dewulf J, Hooyberghs J, and Faes C , Vet Rec, 2015 Jun 06, Volume 176, Issue 23, p.598, (2015)
A trend analysis of antimicrobial resistance in commensal Escherichia coli from several livestock species in Belgium (2011-2014)., Hanon, J-B, Jaspers Stijn, Butaye Patrick, Wattiau P, Méroc Estelle, Aerts Marc, Imberechts Hein, Vermeersch Katie, and Van der Stede Yves , Prev Vet Med, 2015 Dec 01, Volume 122, Issue 4, p.443-52, (2015)